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Operation Telic

The UK Ministry of Defence announced that 'UK military contingency preparations in relation to Iraq are being conducted under the name of Operation Telic. The Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon MP, announced on 6 February 2003 the deployment of an air package comprising some 100 aircraft.

The Defence Secretary had previously outlined  the augmentation of Naval Task Group 2003 to provide it with a significant amphibious capability, to provide an effective maritime option. He also announced the mobilisation of a number of Reservists to support the operation. On 20 January, the deployment of a substantial land package was announced.'

On 11 April and 30 April, the Defence Secretary announced  changes to the force levels deployed in the Gulf, with the withdrawal of units as conditions permitted, and the deployment of some replacement formations. 19 Mechanised Brigade will replace a number of land combat units in Iraq from July.

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The Naval Task Force comprises:

The amphibious force numbers some 4,000 and includes:

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The land force numbers some 26,000. The primary units being deployed in whole or in part include:




  • Headquarters and Signal Squadron
  • 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (withdrawal announced 30 April)
  • 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment
  • 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
  • 7 (Para) Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (105mm Light Guns)
  • 23 Engineer Regiment
  • Household Cavalry Regiment (1 x armoured reconnaissance squadron)
  • 3rd Regiment Army Air Corps (Lynx & Gazelle helicopters)
  • 7 Air Assault Battalion, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  • 13 Air Assault Support Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
  • 16 Close Support Medical Regiment
  • 156 Provost Company RMP

102 LOGISTICS BRIGADE: (elements being replaced by 101 Log Bde from May 2003)

  • Headquarters
  • 2 Signal Regiment
  • 36 Engineer Regiment
  • 33 Field Hospital (withdrawal announced 11 April)
  • 34 Field Hospital
  • 202 Field Hospital (Volunteer)
  • 4 General Support Medical Regiment
  • 3rd Battalion, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  • 6 Supply Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
  • 7 Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
  • 17 Port & Maritime Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
  • 23 Pioneer Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
  • 24 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
  • 5 Regiment, Royal Military Police
  • Specialist Royal Engineer teams
  • Airfield engineer support units from 12 Engineer Brigade
  • Elements from 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment
  • Elements from additional Royal Logistic Corps Regiments

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The air component deployed on Operation Telic numberered about 100 fixed-wing aircraft and 27 support helicopters, supported by some 7,000 personnel. Aircraft types involved include:

RAF Regiment units will provide ground defence for the force.

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