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Royal Signals units based in the United Kingdom provide command and control communications for forces that have operational roles both in the UK itself, including Northern Ireland, and overseas including mainland Western Europe and further afield wherever the Army finds itself.

There are a number of Royal Signals units permanently based in Germany, Holland and Belgium from where they provide the necessary command and control communications and Electronic Warfare (EW) support for both the British Army and other NATO forces based in Europe. Royal Signals personnel are also based in Cyprus, the Falkland Islands, Belize and Gibraltar.

Regular Army Royal Signals units are shown in the following table:

Royal Signals: Regular Army units during early 2009




1 Sig Bde Germany Supports Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
2 (NC) Sig Bde Corsham HQ Mainly TA, national communications during contingencies
11 Sig Bde Donnington HQ 1,000 Regular and 2,500 TA personnel, communications for JRRF
3 (UK) Div HQ & Sig Regt Bulford Divisional command and control communications
2 Sig Regt York With 11 Signal Bde, currently equipping with Cormorant system
10 Sig Regt Corsham Information Communications Services & Information Management
14 Sig Regt (EW) Brawdy Electronic Warfare
21 Sig Regt (Air Sp) JHF Communications for the RAF Support Helicopter Force and AAC Apache
22 Sig Regt Stafford Ptarmigan/Falcon
30 Sig Regt Bramcote Strategic satellite communications to Land & Joint Task Forces
1 (UK) AD and Sig Regt Germany Communications for 1st (UK) Armd Div HQ and Bdes
7 (ARRC) Sig Regt Germany Part of 1 Sig Bde, supports Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
16 Sig Regt Germany Part of 1 Sig Bde, supports Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
11 Signal Regt Blandford Training Regt, responsible for Phase 2 and 3 signals training
Queens Gurkha Signals Various Support 2 x Gurkha Inf Bns, 2 and 30 Sig Regts, and others
209 Sig Sqn Catterick Independent Sqn, supporting 19 Light Brigade HQ
213 Sig Sqn Lisburn Independent Sqn, supporting Northern Ireland
215 Sig Sqn Tidworth Independent Sqn, supporting 1 Mechanised Bde within 3 Div
216 Sig Sqn Colchester Independent Sqn, supporting 16 Air Assault Bde HQ
228 Sig Sqn Bulford Independent Sqn, supporting 12 Mech Bde HQ
238 Sig Sqn London Independent Sqn, supports London Military District
242 Sig Sqn Edinburgh Independent Sqn, supports Army in Scotland & Northern England
261 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supports 101 Logistics Bde HQ
262 Sig Sqn Aldershot Independent Sqn, supports 102 Logistics Bde HQ
264 Sig Sqn Hereford Independent Sqn, supports Special Forces
200 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supporting 20 Armd Brigade HQ
204 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supporting 4 Armd Brigade HQ
207 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supporting 7 Armd Brigade HQ
628 Sig Tp Netherlands Independent Tp, supports AFNORTH HQ
CCU & JSSU Cyprus Cyprus Communications Unit and Joint Service Signal Unit
JCU (FI) Falklands Joint Communications Unit (Falkland Islands)