Armed Forces - a9a3 - Units deployed outside the UK



Royal Signals units that are permanently deployed in Europe in support of British and other NATO forces include:

1 (UK) Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment.  
This Regiment  provides communications for the Divisional Headquarters and the three Brigades in the 1st (UK) Armoured Division.

204 Signal Squadron
supports 4 (Armoured) Brigade, based in Osnabruck, and is part of 1 (UK) Armoured Division.

207 Signal Squadron
supports 7 (Armoured) Brigade, based in Bergen and is part of 1 (UK) Armoured Division.

200 Signal Squadron
supports 20 (Armoured) Brigade, based in Sennelager and is part of 1(UK) Armoured Division.

HQ 1st Signal Brigade
coordinates NATO signal traffic and acts as the UK NATO communications headquarters.

7 (ARRC) Signal Regiment 
provides command and control communications for the ARRC headquarters which involves providing communications to the formation's multi-national Divisions.

16 Signal Regiment.  
This Regiment provides communication support for a number of multinational logistic organisations and fixed communications for the British Forces in Germany. 16 Signal Regiment is made up from three Squadrons - 230, 252 and 255 Signal Squadrons. They are based in Rheindahlen.

262 Signal Squadron
Independent Sqn, supporting 102 Logistics Brigade HQ.

628 Signal Troop
Independent Troop based in the Netherlands supporting AFNORTH HQ

Cyprus Communications Unit and Joint Service Signal Unit supporting bases on Cyprus

Joint Communications Unit based in the Falkland Islands

97 (BRITFOR) Signal Squadron (Volunteers)
is a composite TA Signal Squadron comprising 65 officers and soldiers, drawn from all units of 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade. The Squadron deployed, on a six-month operational tour, to Bosnia, as part of the NATO Stabilisation Force (SFOR) from November 2001 to May 2002.