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Equipment Support remains separate from the other logistic pillar of Service Support and consequently the REME has retained not only its own identity but expanded its responsibilities. Equipment Support encompasses equipment management, engineering support, supply management, provisioning for vehicle and technical spares and financial management responsibilities for in service equipment. During early 2009 the REME had a regular Army establishment of some 9,895 personnel and a strength of 9,390.


The aim of the REME is ‘To keep operationally fit equipment in the hands of the troops’ and in the current financial environment it is important that this is carried out at the minimum possible cost. The equipment that REME is responsible for ranges from small arms and trucks to helicopters and main battle tanks. All field force units have some integral REME support (1st line support) which will vary, depending on the size of the unit and the equipment held, from a few attached tradesmen up to a large Regimental Workshop of over 200 men. In war REME is responsible for the recovery and repair of battle damaged and unserviceable equipment.

The development of highly technical weapon systems and other equipment has meant that REME has had to balance engineering and tactical considerations. On the one hand the increased scope for forward repair of equipment reduces the time out of action, but on the other hand engineering stability is required for the repair of complex systems.

Seven REME Equipment Support Battalions have been established. Six of these battalions provide second line support for the Reaction and Adaptable Divisions. An Equipment Support Aviation Battalion in the UK supports 16 Air Assault Brigade.

We estimate that during late 2015 the REME had a total of about 9,000 regular personnel.

Regular Unit



1 Close Support Battalion Supports 102 Logistic Bde Catterick
2 Close Support Battalion Supports 102 Logistic Bde Leuchars
3 Armoured Close Support Battalion Supports 101 Logistic Bde Tidworth (2017 - from Paderborn - Germany)
4 Armoured Close Support Battalion Supports 101 Logistic Bde Tidworth
5 Force Support Battalion Supports 101 Logistic Bde Cottesmore
7 (Air Assault) Battalion Supports 16 Air Assault Bde Wattisham


Reserve Unit

HQ Location

Sqn Location

101 Battalion REME Wrexham Prestatyn, Liverpool, Manchester, West Bromwich, Telford
102 Battalion REME Newton Aycliffe Newcastle upon Tyne, Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Sheffield, Newton Aycliffe
103 Battalion REME Crawley Croydon, Portsmouth, Ashford, Bexleyheath, Barnett, Brentwood
104 Battalion REME Northampton Corby, Coventry, Redditch, Swindon, Nottingham, Derby
105 Battalion REME Bristol Yeovil, Taunton, Gloucester, Bristol, Bridgend, Cwmbran
106 Battalion REME East Kilbride Belfast, Lisburn, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Grangemouth
Note: With the exception of 101 Battalion these battalions are paired with regular REME battalions.



The Close Support Company will normally deploy a number of FRGs (Forward Repair Groups) and MRGs (Medium Repair Groups) in support of brigades. The company is mobile with armoured repair and recovery vehicles able to operate in the forward areas, carrying out forward repair of key nominated equipment often by the exchange of major assemblies. It is also capable of carrying out field repairs on priority equipment including telecommunications equipment, and the repair of damage sustained by critical battle winning equipments.

The role of the General Support Company is to support the Close Support Companies and Divisional Troops. Tasks include the regeneration of fit power packs for use in forward repair and the repair of equipment back loaded from Close Support Companies. The General Support Company will normally be located to the rear of the divisional area in order to maximise productivity and minimise vulnerability.

REME LAD (Light Aid Detachment)

Major divisional units have their own REME support organisation generally called the LAD which can vary in size from about 60 to 120 personnel. Usually commanded by a Captain, LADs are capable of quick repairs at the point of failure.

In manpower terms the REME LAD support available to the units of a division might resemble the following:

Armoured Regiment (T56) 120
Armoured Cavalry Regiment 90
Armoured Infantry Battalion 90
Close Support Engineer Regiment 85
Field Regiment Royal Artillery 115
Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery 160
Army Air Corps Regiment 130
Signals Regiment 60
RLC Logistic Support Regiment 75