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Fort Class (Fleet Replenishment Ships)


RFA Fort Victoria

These ships combine the functions of fleet oilers and stores ships. Being large and adaptable they are equipped with an expansive flight deck, supported by hangars for three Sea King-sized helicopters.

The original plan was to build six of the class but the diminishing requirement and undoubted budget problems has meant that only two of these large and excellent ships have been constructed.

This class can embark and support both anti-submarine helicopters and troop-carrying Sea King Mk4 helicopters, which can transfer large amounts of stores to other ships.

Four dual-purpose replenishment rigs are fitted, enabling transfer of fuel and stores to two ships simultaneously. The variety of tasks that these vessels can be employed upon is reflected in their complements. The ship’s company of RFA officers and ratings is supplemented by civilian Warship Support Agency staff and RN personnel who maintain the weapons. There are repair facilities for Merlin Helicopters.
FORT CLASS Specifications
Length 203.5m
Displacement 36,580 tonnes
Max Speed 20 knots
Complement Ships crew 134 (95 RFA plus 15 RN plus 24 civilian stores staff)
Embarked Air Group up to 150 personnel (includes 28 officer air crew)
Cargo capacity 12,500 tonnes liquids 6,200 tonnes solids
Helicopters 5 x Sea King or Merlin helicopters
Armament 2 x 30mm Guns
2 x Phalanx Close-in Weapon Systems
Sensors Sensor fit appropriate for aircraft control


RFA Fort Victoria (A387)


Fort Grange Class (Fleet Replenishment Ships)

RFA Fort Austin

These ships were ordered in 1971 and after valuable service are approaching 25 years old. The role of Fort Rosalie and Fort Austin is to replenish Royal Navy warships with dry stores such as food, spare parts and ammunition while underway.

This complex task is carried out by the RFA and warship steaming along side-by-side and transferring stores along a cable rigged between the two vessels. Both ships are fitted with large flight decks and each ship has hangar space allowing them to operate a number of Sea King helicopters. Usually a single helicopter is embarked and ASW armaments for helicopters are carried on board.

There are six cranes, three of 10 tons lift and three of 5 tons.

FORT GRANGE CLASS Specifications
Length 183.9m
Displacement 36,580 tonnes
Max Speed 20 knots
Range 10,000nm at 20 knots
Complement 114 (31 officers) plus 36 RNSTS (civilian supply staff) plus 45 RN aircrew
Cargo capacity 3,500 tonnes ammunition and stores
Helicopters Up to 4 x Sea King
Armament 2 x 20mm Guns

Fort Rosalie (A385) 1978
Fort Austin (A386) 1979