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Gazelle Helicopter

Gazelle is the general purpose helicopter in use by the AAC, and it is capable of carrying out a variety of battlefield roles. Gazelle is a French design built under licence by Westland Aircraft.

It is equipped with a Ferranti AF 532 stabilised, magnifying observation aid. The fleet is now some 30 years old, and due to be withdrawn progressively by 2018 being replaced by the Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter (BRH).

GAZELLE Specifications
Approximately 107 available
Fuselage Length 9.53m
Height 3.18m
Rotor Diameter 10.5m
Maximum Speed 265km/h
Cruising Speed 233km/h
Range 670km
Engine Turbomeca/Rolls-Royce Astazou 111N
Power 592shp
Fuel Capacity 445 litres
Weight 1,800kg (max take off)
Armament 2 x 7.62 mm machine guns (not a standard fitting)

Photo Copyright GKN Westland