Armed Forces - RAF Aircraft Jaguar GR 3/3A and T4


JAGUAR GR3/3A and T4 (No longer in service)


Produced to meet a joint Anglo-French requirement in 1965 for a dual-role advanced/operational trainer and tactical support aircraft, the Jaguar has been transformed into a potent fighter-bomber.

The RAF originally intended to use the aircraft purely as an advanced trainer, but this was later changed to the offensive support role on cost grounds.

The first RAF aircraft took to the air in October 1969, and each air force placed orders for 200 aircraft - the RAF opting for 165 single-seat and 35 two-seat aircraft and at its peak the Jaguar equipped 8 front-line squadrons in the UK and Germany.

The final aircraft of the RAF Jaguar fleet, had undergone a major upgrade programme and been designated as the Jaguar GR3 (T4 for the 2-seat variant). The Adour 104 engine has been changed for the more powerful Adour 106 under a 61m contract. The upgrade also included improved avionics. Global Positioning System (GPS) and Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN) integrated into the Inertial Navigator (IN) internal and external Night Vision Goggles (NVG) compatible lighting, helmet mounted sight and ASRAAM capability, and new Head Up Display (HUD) and Head Down Displays (HDD). Also incorporated are a Thermal Imaging and Laser Designator series 400 capability integrated with Map and Symbol Generator graphics, a new Jaguar Mission Planner system, provision for the Vicon 18-601 Electro-Optic reconnaissance pod, provision for a Jaguar Replacement Reconnaissance Pod, and a Paveway III and EPR Laser Guided Munitions capability.

The Jaguar was withdrawn from Royal Air Force Service in May 2007.

JAGUAR GR3/3A and T4 Specifications

Crew (GR3/3A) 1
Crew (T4) 2
Wingspan 8.69m
Height 4.89m
Length (GR 3/3A) 16.83m
All Up Operational Weight approx 11,000kg
Max Weapon Load 10,000lb/4,500kg
Max Speed 1,056mph/1,690k/ph
Engines 2 x Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 106s
Armament 2 x 30mm Aden Cannon
(T4)1 x 30mm Aden Cannon
2 x Sidewinder AAM
Paveway II, III
BL 755
CRV-7 rockets