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RFA Argus

Argus was initially procured for a helicopter training role. This former Ro-Ro container ship was converted for her new task by Harland and Wolf, completing in 1988. The former Ro-Ro deck is used as a hanger with four sliding WT doors able to operate at a speed of 10 m/min. Argus can replenish other ships underway. There is one lift port midships and one abaft the funnel.

Domestic facilities are somewhat limited if she is used in the Command support role. She was the first RFA to be fitted with a command system.

Argus has a subsidiary role as a Primary Casualty Receiving Ship having been upgraded with state-of--the-art medical equipment in an extensive refit worth over 23 million, that provides hospital facilities to troops in war zones.

Medical equipment installed includes the latest advances in CT scanning equipment, used to assess casualties by 3D X-ray imagery, as well as new sterilising kit. As a Primary Casualty Receiving Facility, Argus can accommodate 100 casualties at any time ensuring wounded service personnel can receive swift primary care.

Studies are underway relating to a Joint Casualty Treatment Ship (JCTS) programme intended to replace the capability currently provided by RFA Argus in a 2020 timeframe. This programme would aim to deliver a ship-borne medical facility broadly similar in scope to a field hospital, capable of treating a full range of casualties, whether from sea, land or air environments.

Argus started a refit at Falmouth in early 2013 that should be completed by September 2013.

RFA ARGUS Specifications
Length 175.1m
Displacement 26,421 tonnes
Max Speed 18 knots
Range 20,000nm at 15 knots
Complement 80 (22 officers) plus 35 permanent RN plus 137 RN Aviation personnel
Military lift 3,300 tonnes diesel 1,100 tonnes aviation fuel 138 x 4 ton vehicles in lieu of aircraft
Armament 4 x 30mm Guns 4 x 7.62mm MG. Combat Data System and Sensor fit appropriate for aircraft control
Aircraft Provision to transport 12 x BAe Sea Harrier, Helicopters
6 x Westland Sea King HAS 5/6 or similar

RFA Argus (A135) 1988