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Armoured Vehicles from NP Aerospace

NP Aerospace designs and manufactures a unique range of vehicle protection products based on its CAMAC® Lightweight Composite Armour Systems. Military and law enforcement personnel, aid workers and television crews...... all face the same threat from small arms, mines and bombs when deployed in high risk areas

For more information or to order use the contact details below and outline your requirements.

NP Aerospace sells directly to Governments, Police Forces, Aid Agencies and News Crews. Our products are not for sale to the general public.

CAMAC® Armoured Vehicles

Image of CAMAC® Vehicle Protection Plating from NP Aerospace

Composite materials formed into appliqué panels and spall liners have long been used to augment and supplement metallic armour, but have never truly offered the ballistic and mechanical characteristics required to provide significant vehicle protection in their own right.

That is until now. Combining extensive composites research with 60 years’ experience at the leading edge of moulded component technology, has resulted in the design and perfection of a remarkable new composite armour.

CAMAC® armour is so advanced it takes composites into a new dimension in ballistic protection. Using sophisticated ballistic laminate technology, CAMAC® is based on high performance glass fibre reinforced composites which are consolidated under pressure for precise dimensional control and consistency.

Once processed, CAMAC® forms a protective shield with outstanding ballistic and mechanical performance, up to 20% lighter than the equivalent steel armour, yet able to defeat a wide range of threats, including fragmentation, high velocity small arms, grenade attack, mine blasts and burning fluids.

CAMAC® Armour Properties

CAMAC® CPV 100 Series Armoured Vehicles from NP Aerospace

Exhaustive tests both in-house and out in the field have demonstrated that CAMAC® not only out-performs all previous light-weight armour systems but also offers many innovative structural advantages for vehicle armour design.

CAMAC® composite armour is a modular monocoque construction that provides optimum ballistic protection and has the strength to carry structural loads.

With simple chassis to armour connections, body recovery and refits are straightforward, and effective repair schemes have been validated.

Composite panels are precision moulded in shapes to match individual vehicle configurations. The composite thickness of each panel can be varied to enable specific threats to be defeated, which ensures material weight and costs are kept to a minimum

Because CAMAC® Armour components are bonded by advanced adhesives, joint lines are kept to a minimum and areas of greatest threat faced by stronger, more repellent surfaces. The composite’s laminated structure offers many additional protective features to safeguard lives and provide effective blast management.

With virtually no metal in the structure, it is free from spall and other damaging secondary blast effects. In fact, with a built-in spall liner, CAMAC® creates more room inside the vehicle, with no sharp edges or protrusions

With virtually no metal in the structure, it is free from spall and other damaging secondary blast effects. In fact, with a built-in spall liner, CAMAC® creates more room inside the vehicle, with no sharp edges or protrusions. CAMAC® is excellent at absorbing energy and dissipating shock too, and is vibration damping and thermally insulating for a reduced thermal image and IR signature.


CAMAC® CAV 100 Series Armoured Vehicles from NP Aerospace

CAMAC® CAV 100 Series

The CAV 100 Series is the mainstay of our armoured vehicle range. Based on the 4.0 tonne GVW RICARDO Land Rover Defender chassis, this rugged 4 x 4 light armoured vehicle combines all the advantages of Land Rover durability with the superior ballistic qualities of CAMAC® Composite Armour.

Powered by a petrol or diesel engine, the CAMAC® CAV 100 has excellent handling and mobility characteristics both on and off the road and will provide essential protection for a crew of up to eight. CAMAC® CAV 100 is available on a range of configurations suitable for military, logistics and reconnaissance, peacekeeping and internal security duties as well as for specialist EOD, ambulance and communications roles.

 CAMAC® CAV 200 Series Armoured Vehicles from NP Aerospace

CAMAC® CAV 200 Series

In addition to the CAV 100, the CAMAC® system is applied with equally exacting levels of ballistic protection and structural integrity, to other chassis configurations to meet specific automotive requirements. The outstanding CAV200/1 CAMAC® Composite Armoured vehicle is based on a Mercedes ‘G’ Wagon chassis providing an excellent 4.5 tonne GVW.

CAMAC® CAV 300 Series Armoured Vehicles from NP Aerospace

CAMAC® CAV 300 Series

CAMAC® armour components and sub assemblies are also being developed to uprate the protection of a range of soft skinned vehicles like trucks, cabs and engineer equipment, and to save weight in specific parts of conventional armoured vehicles such as APCs and APVs.

NP Aerospace's Manufacturing Capability

NP Aerospace is the only company in the world to have mass produced a composite structured armoured vehicle. We have had vehicles in service since 1993 and have amassed a unique database on design and manufacturing techniques to ensure every vehicle we put out is of unrivalled quality and reliability.

The CAMAC® Composite Armoured Vehicle displays very low lifecycle costs due to the unique features of the composite which provides for significantly improved fatigue performance and outstanding resistance to corrosion. The unique design of the composite armour provides for the chassis to be readily replaced if damaged.


Style Without Compromise

Discreetly armoured cars from NP Aerospace

NP Aerospace has been supplying the MoD, Police forces and various news teams with armoured vehicles, body armour and helmets for over two decades.

Using our vast knowledge of manufacturing ballistic protection and armoured vehicles, we have launched a range of discreetly armoured cars.

These cars use the latest state-of-the-art materials and technology combined with high quality fabrication to produce a final product that looks, feels and drives as the original vehicle. At NP Aerospace we provide a very flexible approach, so while our vehicles are protected to B4/B5/B6 we will tailor the cars to suit the client’s specific requirements.

How Our Cars Are Armoured

Before the car is armoured, it is completely stripped down. Various areas of the body are de-seamed in order for laser cut ballistic steel panels to be sandwiched between the inner and outer body skins. The complete body is then dipped into a cataphoretic bath to protect it from corrosion. Shaped Dyneema panels are then fitted into the door cavities.

Discreetly armoured cars from NP Aerospace Discreetly armoured cars from NP Aerospace Discreetly armoured cars from NP Aerospace

The next stage is a complete re-spray and oven bake to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, the car is carefully re-built to a very high standard, the glazing is replaced with profile matched, optically correct, ballistic-grade glass, resulting in a product which is genuinely covert.

For more information about NP Aerospace's Armoured Vehicles visit their website

473 Foleshill Road

Tel:  +44 (0)24 7670 2802
Fax: +44 (0)24 7668 7313

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