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For information about UK Armed Forces, including organisation, equipment and manning, use the links below:

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I am trying to find an inflatable roof for a sports area. It has mesh fencing round the edge to a height of approx 2.4m and is approx 30m X 50m. Can you help? More »

Items required 1. Anti-riot Helmet – 28000pcs 2. Anti riot shield- 28000pcs 3. Batons – 28000pcs 4. Sheath cover for the batons – 28000pcs 5. Handcuffs – 28000pcs 6. Plastic handcuffs for only single use – 9000pcs 7. Leg protection in plastic – 28000pairs 8. Arm protection in plastic weight about 500g – 28000pairs 9. Abdomen protection to absorb shocks and vibrations – 28000pcs 10. Gas mask black in colour with weight apprx. 500g and replaceable gas filters. – 9000pcs More »

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