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Air Command has responsibility for all RAF bases overseas.

RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus
The RAF use the airfield at Akrotiri as a staging post for transport aircraft, and as a temporary operating base for aircraft carrying out Armament Practice Camps. Akrotiri is the permanent base of 84 Squadron who perform Search and Rescue duties as well as a support role for the UN peacekeeping forces on the island. In addition, a detachment of the RAF Regiment is stationed at Akrotiri to assist with airfield defence.

RAF Ascension Island
Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and over 700 miles from its nearest neighbour, Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island was used extensively as a staging base during the Falklands War. This is still the major role for the Station, which it performs for both the RAF and the USAF.

RAFU Goose Bay, Canada
A team of RAF personnel is stationed at Goose Bay in Labrador to support RAF fast jet aircraft carrying out low level flying training over Labrador. The fast jets are usually accompanied by VC-10s, Tristars or Hercules aircraft, providing AAR or transport support.

RAF Gibraltar
Although aircraft are no longer stationed at RAF Gibraltar, Hercules and Nimrod and Tornado aircraft make regular visits.

Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands
Mount Pleasant was opened in 1984 to establish a fighter and transport presence in the Islands following the Falklands War. Currently based at Mount Pleasant are No 1435 Flight with 4 x Tornado F3s, No 1312 Flight with 1 x VC10 tanker and 1 x Hercules, as well as No 1564 Flight with 2 x Sea King HAR3. Ground units include Signals Units and a Rapier surface to air missile detachment.

Mobile Air Movement Squadron (MAMS)
During operations and exercises, aircraft often visit overseas airfields where no regular RAF ground handling organisation exists. For this purpose, Air Command has a Mobile Air Movement Squadron (MAMS) at RAF Lyneham, which provides teams who are expert in all aspects of loading and unloading aircraft.