Armed Forces - RAF Station Organisations, Flying Squadron Organisation, Operations Wing, RAF Forward Support Wing, Depth Support Wing, Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing, RAF Base Support Wing



An indication of the manner in which an RAF Station might be organised is as follows:

This example is an RAF Station with 4 x Tornado GR4 flying squadrons each with 12 x aircraft. The 48 aircraft will have cost at least 1.4 billion (at 1980s prices) in total purchase costs, and the combined running costs for the operation of these squadrons will be in the region of some 120 million pounds per annum.



Note. Generally 1 x Tornado GR4 will be held in reserve (IUR)
(1) These departmental leaders have responsibility for weapons, airframes, propulsion, electronics, flight guidance and control systems, communications, automatic navigation and attack controls and report to the Squadron Commander.

Operations Wing is responsible for the management of the airfield and its supporting services. Wing sub-units include:

  • Air Traffic Control Squadron (including Fire Services and the Bird Control Unit)
  • Standards and Evaluation Squadron (STANEVAL responsible for the standardisation of flying units, the Tornado Simulator and Electronic Warfare)
  • Meteorological Services (a civilian agency)
  • Operations Support Squadron (responsible for the Combat Operations Centre
  • C4i Support Squadron, encompassing IS Flight, and Communications Flight, Station Intelligence Flight (responsible for the Station Intelligence services)
  • Security Squadron; responsible for RAF Police, the Dog Section, Criminal
  • Station RAF Regiment Flight

Forward Support Wing (FSW) might consist of the following:

  • Forward Engineering Squadron (FES)
  • Forward Logistics Squadron (FLS)
  • Engineering Operations Squadron (EOS)
  • Tornado Maintenance School (TMS) (at RAF Marham)

Depth Support Wing could include:

  • Tornado Components Squadron (TCS)
  • Tornado Propulsion Squadron (TPS)
  • Tornado Engineering Squadron (TES)
  • Tornado Structures Squadron
  • Tornado Lean Team.

Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing (TIW) covers:

  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Target Acquisition
  • Reconnaissance

Base Support Wing usually consists of:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Property Management
  • Financial Services and Resources
  • Force Development
  • Community Support and Media Communications Officer
  • Catering Squadron
  • Facilities Management Squadron
  • Medical and Dental Centres
  • Chaplaincy Services.