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HMS Ledbury - Hunt Class Mine Countermeasure Vessel

The first of this class of GRP built mine countermeasures vessels, HMS Brecon (now decommissioned) entered service in 1979. The Royal Navy has a small but highly efficient mine warfare force and the Hunt Class were regarded as very costly when first entering service. However they have proved their value repeatedly and modernisation proceeds.

A large part of the cost of the Hunt Class has gone into the research and development of the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Hull. Non-magnetic and strong enough to withstand the explosive shocks likely to be encountered in Mine Counter Measures activity, this revolutionary concept has demanded the development of entirely new skills and techniques in ship building.

Hunt Class vessels have recently been fitted with Sonar 2193 which has replaced the older Sonar 193M. In addition, the command system has been replaced with a newer system developed from the NAUTIS system already fitted in Sandown class vessels. When deployed operationally Hunt Class vessels are fitted with additional weapon systems and communications.

When deployed operationally, Hunt Class vessels are fitted with additional weapon systems and communications. These vessels are also used for Fishery Protection duties.

HUNT CLASS Specifications
Length 57.0 m
Beam 10 m
Draught 2.2 m
Displacement 750 tons full load
Engines 2 x Rushton Paxman Deltic 9-59K diesels
Max Speed 15 knots
Range 1,500 nm at 12 knots
Complement 45 (5 officers)
Armament 1 x 30 mm Gun (650 rounds/min 10 km range)
For operational deployments also fitted with:
2 x 20 mm Gun (900 rounds/min 2 km range) and
2 x 7.62 mm Machine guns
Sensors Full range of sensors and systems for dealing with all types of ground and moored mines.

HMS Ledbury (M30) 1979
HMS Cattistock (M31) 1981
HMS Brocklesby (M33) 1982
HMS Middleton (M34) 1983
HMS Chiddingfold (M37) 1983
HMS Hurworth (M39) 1984
HMS Atherstone (M38) 1986
HMS Quorn (M41) 1988