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Expeditionary Air Wings (EAW) were created in early 2006 to improve the ability of the Royal Air Force to support PJHQs (Permanent Joint Headquarters) aim of successful overseas operations. The idea behind the EAW concept is the provision of a balanced aviation linked force package related to a particular operation. This force package might include fighter aircraft, ground attack, in-flight refuelling, RAG Regiment airbase protection plus engineering and logistic support. When required a Joint Force Air Component HQ (JFAC HQ) could be deployed in an overseas theatre to control air operations.

No 83 Expeditionary Air Group
No 83 Expeditionary Air Group supports the Joint Forces Command and associated operations with a number of deployable Expeditionary Air Wings (EAW) that assist in enabling the force package required:

901 EAW supports coalition operations in the Middle East with a number of specialist flights that have responsibilities for activities such as air movements, air transport and passenger handling,

902 EAW provides ongoing operational support for Operations in Afghanistan.

903 EAW is the RAF headquarters element at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Until recently Camp Bastion has been one of the RAF's busiest airfields with around a 1000 aircraft movements a week.

904 EAW is the RAF headquarters element based at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan.

905 EAW supports RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands.

906 EAW with about 50 personnel is based at Al Minhad in the United Arab Emirates and provides support to air transport links between the UK and operations in Afghanistan.

No 42 (Expeditionary Support) Wing
The headquarters of 42 (ES) Wing commands the following specialist squadrons based at RAF Wittering:

71 (Inspection and Repair) Squadron.
5001 (Airfield Construction) Squadron
5131 (Bomb Disposal) Squadron
93 (Expeditionary Armaments) Squadron (RAF Marham)

No 85 (Expeditionary Logistics (EL)) Wing
The headquarters of 85 (EL) Wing commands the following specialist squadrons based at RAF Wittering:

1 (Expeditionary Logistics) Squadron.
2 (Mechanical Transport) (MT) Squadron
3 (Mobile Catering) Squadron Sqn