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The reserve component of the Royal Air Force (2013) was as follows:

RAuxAF & RAFVR Reserves 1,360 (200 x officers and 1,160 other ranks)

Royal Air Force Reserve

6,600 (350 x officers and 6,250 other ranks)

University Air Squadrons

850 (approx)

The number of retired officers and airmen who have completed pensionable service and are liable to recall is possibly in the region of 5,000 officers and 15,000 airmen/airwomen.

The Controller Reserve Forces (RAF) is located at HQ Air Command. He is responsible for all of the non-operational aspects of reserve forces policy and co ordination, ranging from recruitment, through training, promotions and welfare to future planning. The following are the formed Reserve Units for which he is responsible.

Royal Auxiliary Air Force

The RAuxAF is the RAF volunteer element that provides trained personnel to reinforce the regular units. It consists of volunteers who give up their weekends and holiday for training. RAuxAF Units provide resilience and strength in depth to the RAF operations world wide, generally by providing individual reinforcements to regular units.

Under the Future Force 2020 programme the RAuxAF will grow to a trained strength of around 1,800 with the principal growth will be in the specialist areas of logistics, flight operations, medical, intelligence, media, RAF police and cyber operations.

Royal Auxiliary Air Force Units
3 Squadron RAF Henlow Tactical Provost Wing
501 Squadron RAF Brize Norton Operations Support Squadron
503 Squadron RAF Aldergrove Operations Support Squadron
504 Squadron RAF Wittering  
600 Squadron RAF Northolt HQ Augmentation Unit
602 Squadron Glasgow Operations Support Squadron
603 Squadron Edinburgh Force Protection
606 Squadron RAF Benson Helicopter Support Squadron
609 Squadron RAF Leeming Operations Support Squadron
611 Squadron RAF Woodvale Operations Support Squadron
612 Squadron RAF Leuchars Airmobile Surgical Squadron
622 Squadron RAF Brize Norton Aircrew Augmentation Unit
4624 Squadron RAF Brize Norton Operations Support Squadron
4626 Squadron RAF Brize Norton Aeromedical Evacuation Unit

Royal Air Force Reserve Units
7006 Squadron RAF Waddington Intelligence Squadron
7010 Squadron RAF Waddington Photographic Interpretation Squadron
7630 Squadron RAF Waddington Intelligence Squadron
7644 Squadron RAF Halton Media Operations Squadron
Mobile Met Unit RAF Benson Meteorological Services