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Royal Air Force Tucano T1 basic trainer

Originally designed by the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer, the Tucano was selected in 1985 to replace the Jet Provost as the RAF basic trainer.

The development and production contract was awarded to Shorts of Belfast under licence. The first squadron aircraft was delivered in June 1988. Student training on the aircraft started at RAF Church Fenton in December 1989.

The RAF version of the Tucano, designated the Tucano T1, has been modified in many ways from the basic Embraer 312. A Garrett TPE 331 engine is fitted in place of the original PT6 and represents a 50% power increase.

Fatigue life has been extended from 8,000 to 12,000 hours by fitting strengthened wings and landing gear, a ventral air brake has been added, plus a new canopy which is bird strike resistant up to 270 knots. The original RAF purchase was for 126 x Tucano. Two training sorties can be completed before the aircraft requires refuelling.

TUCANO T1 Specifications

Crew 2
Length 9.86m
Height 3.40m
Span 11.28m
Max Speed 507kph /315mph
Service Ceiling 8,750m
Range 1,916kms
Engine 1,100shp Garrett TPE-331 turboprop

In service with:

72 (R) 30 x Tucano T1 RAF Linton -on-Ouse (1 FTS)

Photo Copyright Alasdair Taylor