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No 22 (Training Group) from its Headquarters at High Wycombe recruits RAF personnel, provides initial and through career training for RAF personnel and provides other specialist training to members of the Army and Royal Navy.

The Group operates over 300 training aircraft and has a staff of about 7,000 personnel who work out of eight major UK sites.

No 22 Group provides training as follows:

Notes: (1) DCAE Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering with HQ at RAF Cosford and operating from other tri-service sites.

(2) DCCIS Defence College of Communications and Information Systems with HQ at the Blandford (Royal School of Signals) and operating from other tri-service sites.

(3) DCEME Defence College of Electro and Mechanical Engineering Communications and Information Systems with HQ at HMS Sultan and operating from other tri-service sites.

No 22 Group provides the following services:

  • Recruiting and selection of individuals wishing to join the Royal Air Force

  • Provision of Initial Officer Training (IOT) at the RAF College Cranwell

  • Provision of Basic Training (BT) for airmen/airwomen at RAF Halton

  • Provision of tri-service flying training for all types of aircraft

  • Provision of tri-service aeronautical engineering training

  • Provision of tri-service communications and information systems (CIS) training

  • Operating the The Red Arrows (The Royal Air Force Acrobatic Team) from RAF Scampton

  • Responsibility for the Air Cadet Organisation

  • Responsibility for the 14 x University Air Squadrons

RAF Flying Training Squadrons (as of mid 2013) (Aircraft Numbers are our estimates)
4 (R) Sqn 16 x Hawk T2 RAF Valley (4 FTS)
16 (R) Sqn Tutor T1 RAF Cranwell (1 EFTS)
45 (R) Sqn 8 x Beech King Air RAF Cranwell (3 FTS)
57 (R) Sqn Tutor T1 RAF Cranwell (3FTS)
60 (R) Sqn Griffin HT1, Bell 412 RAF Shawbury
72 (R) Sqn Tucano T1 RAF Linton-on-Ouse
208 (R) Sqn 12 x Hawk T2 RAF Valley (4 FTS)
Central Flying School Various RAF Cranwell


Flying training is carried out at the following locations:

RAF Cranwell
Elementary Flying Training HQ
Central Flying School HQ
No 3 Flying Training School
Joint Elementary Flying Training School
Fast Jet Navigation Training

RAF Linton on Ouse
No 1 Flying Training School
Basic Fast Jet Training

RAF Valley
No 4 Flying Training School
Advanced Fast Jet Training
Search and Rescue Training Unit

RAF Scampton
Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT)

RAF Shawbury
Central Flying School Helicopter Squadron
Defence Helicopter Flying School (joint Service)



The most recent figures for the average flying hours per month per fast jet pilot on an operational Typhoon operational squadrons is 17.5 hours.

Recent UK MoD figures suggest that putting a pilot through the flying training programme (up to the OCU) costs 3.2 million per pilot for fast jet aircraft, about 600,000 per pilot for multi-engine aircraft and about 800,000 per pilot for helicopters. These are all inclusive cost estimates that include all expenses relating to aircraft, instructors, simulators, airfield support etc.

Fast jet pilots are considered combat ready following Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) training and a period of post OCU training on an allocated squadron. Some figures suggest that the cost of training a Typhoon pilot at the OCU is in the region of 9 million, putting the total cost of Typhoon pilot training at around 12 million.

During FY 2007-2008 the RAF trained pilot requirement was 126. Following recent SDSR reductions we believe that the trained pilot requirement will now be at around 90 per year.
All RAF and Royal Navy Reaper (RPAS) pilots are qualified in flying either fast jets, helicopters and multi-engine types.