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RFA Diligence

This ship was originally the Stena Inspector, designed as a Multipurpose Support Vessel for North Sea oil operations, and completed in 1981. She was chartered on 25 May 1982 for use as a fleet repair ship during the Falklands War and purchased from Stena (UK) Line in October 1983.

She was then converted in 1984 for use as a Forward Repair Ship in the South Atlantic (Falkland Islands).

The vessel has four 5 ton anchors for a four-point mooring system and is strengthened for operations in ice. In addition to supporting the Royal Navy in the Falklands, she has been used as an MCMV support ship in the Gulf. Following an overhaul in 2007, we would expect this vessel to remain in service until at least 2016.

One of the key features of her design is the advanced Dynamic Positioning system. This system uses computer-controlled azimuth and bow thrusters and a variable pitch propeller to allow RFA Diligence to maintain a selected static position to within a few metres, in conditions of up to Force Nine. Another unusual feature is the helicopter flight deck which is positioned on the roof of the bridge, giving RFA Diligence its distinctive appearance.

RFA DILIGENCE Specifications
Length 112.0m
Displacement 10,765 tonnes
Max Speed 12 knots
Range 5,000nm at 12 knots
Complement 38 (15 officers) plus accommodation for 147 plus 55 temporary
Cargo capacity Long-jib crane SWL 5 tons maximum lift 40 tons
Armament 4 x 20mm 4 x 7.62mm MGs


RFA Diligence (A132)