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HMS Smiter

There are currently 14 University Royal Naval Units (URNUs) supporting the countries' leading Universities in England, Wales and Scotland.

Each URNU is commanded by a RN Lieutenant who is responsible for 51 undergraduates who each join the URNU as RN Reservists for their 3 years at University. Training is conducted one evening a week in shore units at or near the University and at sea, over the weekends and during the holidays, by a dedicated Archer Class P2000 20 metre Patrol craft.

The URNU/First Patrol Boat Squadron headquarters is a combined office at Portsmouth responsible for the administration and support of both the shore Units and the associated P2000 ships.

Two other P2000s (HMS Pursuer and HMS Dasher) were relocated to Cyprus in 2002 to form a new "Cyprus Squadron", and these are used to patrol the waters around the Sovereign Base Area (SBA).

P2000 CLASS Specifications
Length 20.8 m
Displacement 54 tons
Beam 5.8 m
Draught 1.8 m
Engines Perkins CVM 800T diesels
Max Speed Batch 1 - 20 knots, Batch 2 - 24 knots
Range 500 km at 15 knots
Complement 17 (5 permanent Ship's Company)
Armament 1 x 20 mm AA Gun and 2 x 7.62 mm MG (Ranger and Trumpeter only)



HMS Archer (P264) Aberdeen 1985
HMS Biter (P270) Manchester 1985
HMS Smiter (P272) Glasgow 1985
HMS Pursuer (P273) Cyprus 1985
HMS Blazer (P279) Southampton 1988
HMS Dasher (P280) Cyprus 1988
HMS Exploit (P167) Birmingham 1988
HMS Tracker (P274) Oxford 1998
HMS Puncher (P291) London 1988
HMS Charger (P292) Liverpool 1988
HMS Ranger (P293) Sussex 1988
HMS Trumpeter (P294) Bristol 1988
HMS Example (P165) Northumbria 1985
HMS Explorer (P164) Yorkshire 1985
HMS Express (P163) Wales 1988

HMS Raider (P275)

Cambridge 1998