Staff Branches - Chief of Staff - G1 Branch - G2 Branch - G3 Branch - G4 Branch - G5 Branch


The Staff Branches that you would expect to find at every level in a headquarters from the Ministry of Defence down to garrison/station/port level are as follows:


The senior officer of the formation who in a large headquarters could be an Admiral, General or Air Marshal. The Army often refers to the commander as the GOC (General Officer Commanding), the Royal Air Force to the AOC (Air Officer Commanding) while the Royal Navy uses the term Flag Officer.

Chief of Staff

The officer who runs the headquarters on a day-to-day basis and who often acts as a second-in-command.

Gl Branch

Responsible for personnel matters including manning, discipline and personal services.

G2 Branch

Responsible for intelligence and security.

G3 Branch

Responsible for operations including staff duties, exercise planning, training, requirements, combat development & tactical doctrine.

G4 Branch

Logistics and quartering.

G5 Branch

Civil and military co-operation.

An operational headquarters in the field will almost certainly be a tri-service organisation with branches from the Army, Navy and Air Force represented. The Staff Branches are the same for all three services.