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Established in 1996, European EMC Products (EEP) are a well-established British company with offices and a manufacturing facility located in Saffron Walden, Essex. We design, manufacture and install specialist shielding products for Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMPP)
, Medical Shielding, Blast & Gas Protection, Electromagnetic Shielding and Sound Masking at locations across the world.


Our task is to combine our knowledge of shielding technology with our engineering skills to design, manufacture, install and commission shielding systems to protect people and equipment against the threats posed by:

  • Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI / EMI)

  • Radiation (X-ray, Gamma & Neutron)

  • Magnetic Fields

  • Electromagnetic Pulse

We are able to offer organisations a breadth of consultancy, design, project management, testing and surveying expertise, where all safety critical matters can be coordinated by our highly skilled team, whose focus is on achieving economic and practical answers to sophisticated shielding problems.

What sets us apart from other companies in this sector is that our diverse range of services applied across multiple sectors, including Healthcare, Defence, Research and Industry is delivered to an international client base. Above all else at European EMC Products we pride ourselves on our commitment to offer a highly professional and personal service. We work closely with each and every client, and offer a full turnkey service across all disciplines - thereby making us a one stop shop for all your shielding requirements.

At EEP we make quality our number one priority. Accredited to ISO 9001:2015, our objective is to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements by supplying high quality products and services that are delivered on time, at competitive prices, and conform to all current relevant statutory standards.


EMP Shielding

The EMP Shielding of critical facilities is vital to protect a functioning command and control structure from EMP type attacks, possibly launched hundreds of kilometres away and outside a country's borders.

more about EMP Shielding

European EMC Products design a wide range of Electromagnetic Pulse Shielded Doors to meet all performance levels and applications, both internally and externally.

European EMC Products design a wide range of Electromagnetic Pulse Shielded Doors to meet all performance levels and applications, both internally and externally. This includes EMP Doors for mobile containers, anechoic chambers and Tempest applications.

more about EMP Doors and Penetrations


MODULAR SHIELDED CABINETS AND CONTAINERS All EEP cabinets and filters meet Mil Std 188-125. This standard establishes minimum requirements and design objectives for high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) hardening of fixed and transportable ground-based facilities which perform critical, time-urgent command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C41) functions.
more about Modular shielded cabinets

EMP Filters

EMP Filters protect equipment in shielded facilities from conducted interference which can be carried in via conductive cables such as power lines, telephone lines and data lines.

more about EMP Filters

TEMPEST FILTERS - Prevent the eavesdropping of confidential information, whilst also providing Surge Protection, all in accordance with International performance standards.
more about Tempest Filters

Control and Signal Data Line filtering is implemented to reduce the effects towards the electrical equipment by allowing them to work efficiently by suppressing the electrical noise outputted by various connected electrical equipment at high frequencies.
more about Control and Signal Data Line Filters

EMP Testing

Considering the vital role of Electromagnetic Pulse protection in a facility, comprehensive testing is essential. EEP are one of the few companies worldwide that have developed pulse injection equipment capable of delivering and measuring pulses that meet the most stringent military standards.
more about EMP Testing

Modular Shielded Cabinets and Containers

Our custom made shielded cabinets and containers are designed to meet all shielding attenuation RF (Radio Frequency) and EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) protection requirements. As part of our service offerings EEP can construct these configured to any size, from desktop to walk-in.
more about Modular Shielded Cabinets

Modular Shielded Rooms

EEP offer a turnkey service in the design, fabrication and installation of Modular Shielded Rooms/EMC Chambers/Anechoic Chambers. The rooms can be built to various performance specifications and be fitted out with a variety of finishes to create the desired end use; from an office type interior to using microwave absorbers to form a semi or fully anechoic chamber.
more about Modular Shielded Rooms

Data Centre Shielding

External threats to data centres come in many forms. With our own installation and test teams operating worldwide, EEP are able to offer complete solutions which integrate with the fabric of the data centre building and all the services entering the facility.

more about Data Centre Shielding

Architectural Shielding

As technology evolves, the increasing use of electrical equipment becomes ever more complex. The interference issues caused by the emitted electromagnetic fields (EMF) result in the need for Architectural Shielding to protect buildings and electronic equipment housed within.
more about Architectural Shielding

TEMPEST SHIELDING - Tempest Shielding creates an area that is protected from the emissions of electromagnetic signals; one in which communications – data or voice - can remain secure. This primarily consists of creating an electromagnetic clean zone in the form of a Faraday Cage.

Over the decades, TEMPEST standards have been developed primarily for military and governmental applications. The increasing digitisation of the world has meant that protection of commercial and personal information has become ever more important.
more about Tempest Shielding

POWER FREQUENCY MAGNETIC FIELD SHIELDING - Power Frequency Magnetic Fields (PFMF) created by electrical distribution systems, electromagnets and electric motors could pose potential problems for people and equipment. When these power frequency magnetic fields need to be contained or controlled, European EMC Products can design and install shielding.

Physical screening from these power frequency magnetic fields involves placing a physical barrier of shielding material between the source of interference and the affected area.
more about Power Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding

RF SHIELDED DOORS - The door is the most important part of any shielded facility; therefore the design and quality of the construction is essential. In addition to providing high levels of RF shielding, our doors can be manufactured to also provide fire resistance, thermal, acoustic, NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) and blast protection.
RF Shielded Door - Shielded Door - Tempest Shielded Door - European EMC Products (

SOUND MASKING & EAVESDROPPING PROTECTION SYSTEMS - Sound masking is the addition of a specifically tailored low-level electronic sound to an environment and is effective when placed at the unintentional listener location to lower the level of speech intelligibility. Masking is deployed using the latest technology from Cambridge Sound Management Masking Systems and can be installed in new build construction or retrofit projects.
Sound masking & Eavesdropping Protection (


Specialising in a variety of sectors, our products (including Blast Resistant Doors and Valves) assure the highest level of blast protection under critical conditions for both exterior and interior environments. To discuss your requirement in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of our technical team will be able to answer any queries you may have.

Gas Tight Doors & Air Tight Doors

European EMC Products is a specialist manufacturer of Gas Tight Doors and Air Tight Doors which can be found within Bio-Hazard Laboratories, Nuclear and Blast Proof Bunkers, Water Treatment Facilities, Hospitals, Military Buildings, Universities and Research Establishments.
more about Gas Tight Doors & Air Tight Doors

EMP Blast Valves

Blast Valves are used where a large airflow is required, and are suitable for both inlet and exhaust air. The valves can be installed both vertically and horizontally and consist of modules fitted into wall frames. The valve closes on impact of a blast and also during the reverse pressure phase. When the blast has passed, the valve returns to its open position.
more about Blast Valves

 Blast Resistant Doors

European EMC Products offer a wide range of pre-engineered or tailor-made Blast Resistant Doors to suit a variety of applications and across a range of sectors. Our products assure the highest level of blast protection under critical conditions for both exterior and interior environments. In addition to Blast Resistant Doors
more about
Blast Resistant Doors

GAS TIGHT DOOR PRESSURE TESTING - EEP have a wealth of experience in providing a wide range of gas tight testing services and can provide practical advice on the best test methods to suit your project requirements. Tests are generally performed in accordance with the BS EN 1023:2016, Windows and Doors, Air Permeability, Test Method. However EEP can work to customer specific requirements where necessary
more about Gas Tight Door Pressure Testing

To find out more about any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or call us on +44 (0)1799 523 073


Units 7-9 Saffron Business Centre
Elizabeth Close
Saffron Walden
CB10 2NL

Tel: +44 (0)1799 523 073



Products/Services :

  • Air Tight Doors
  • Architectural Shielding
  • Blast & Gas Protection
  • Blast Containment
  • Blast Protection Consultancy
  • Blast Protection for Buildings
  • Blast Resistant Doors
  • Blast Valves
  • Control and Signal Data Line Filters
  • Control Line Filters
  • Data Centre Shielding
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Protection EPP
  • EMC Filters
  • EMC Military Testing
  • EMC Shielded Ventilation Panels
  • EMC Shielding
  • EMC Shields
  • EMC Testing
  • EMP Doors and Penetrations
  • EMP Power Filters
  • EMP Shielding
  • EMP Shields
  • EMP Testing
  • Gas Tight Doors
  • Ionising Radiation Shielding
  • Load Bearing Ceilings
  • Medical Shielding
  • Modular Shielded Cabinets and Containers
  • Modular Shielded Rooms
  • MRI Lighting
  • MRI Magnetic Field Shielding
  • MRI Quench Pipes
  • MRI Shielded Doors
  • MRI Shielded Enclosures
  • MRI Shielded Rooms - Faraday Cage
  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding
  • RF Shielded Doors
  • Signal Line Filters
  • Sound Masking and Eavesdropping Protection
  • TEMPEST Filters
  • TEMPEST Shielding

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