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Snatch 2 is a Protected Patrol Vehicle, based on the Land Rover Heavy Duty Chassis (similar to WOLF in many respects), intended for general patrolling in low-threat areas and is the successor to the Truck Utility Medium (TUM) with Vehicle Protection Kit (VPK).

Originally procured for use in Northern Ireland, it is now deployed to other theatres for general patrolling in low threat areas.

Six versions have been produced, the first being the original Snatch-1, equipped with a V8 petrol engine. Nearly 1,000 were produced, with 278 being "desertised" and reclassified as the Snatch-1.5. Most were upgraded to a second variant standard, either the Snatch-2 12v, LHD, the basic training variant; the Snatch-2A 24v, RHD, "Rest of World variant"; or the Snatch-2B 24v, RHD - the N. Ireland variant. These later versions were retro-fitted with "300 Tdi" diesel engines and the 2A is also fitted with air conditioning.

A number of Snatch 2 are being further upgraded to the Snatch Vixen standard with chassis and drivetrain enhancements for a higher GVW.

Snatch was originally procured exclusively for use in Northern Ireland. It is now deployed to other theatres and used for general patrolling in lower threat areas. It can be fitted with Bowman and various ECM suites, being extensively replaced by Vector and Mastiff.


LAND ROVER SNATCH 2 Specifications
Weight 3,050kg
Engine Land Rover 300 Tdi engine
111 horsepower (83 kW)
Max Speed 60mph (97km/h)
Length 4.8m
Width 2.0m
Height 2.37m
Wheelbase 2.79m
Turning Circle 13.25m