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Future Rapid Effect System Specialist Vehicles (FRES SV)


FRES SV is composed of three families of tracked armoured vehicles; Reconnaissance, Medium Armour and Manoeuvre Support.

FRES SV will deliver a new, medium-weight armoured vehicle fleet with higher levels of deployability and survivability than the current fleet, with the potential to grow its capability as new technology becomes available.

FRES SV will replace a number of in-service of vehicles such as the Scimitar and Spartan, in addition to introducing new roles.

The Ministry of Defence announced in March 2010 that General Dynamics UK has been selected as the preferred bidder for the demonstration phase of the new FRES SV programme.

The new Specialist Vehicles development of the Scout will replace the Scimitar reconnaissance vehicle and the first tranche should deliver around 600 vehicles to the front line, with the possibility of further purchases in the future.

The Specialist Vehicle fleet will provide improved protection against a wide range of threats and bring significant benefits to the Army, including greater firepower, longer range sensors and sighting systems and a higher level of reliability.

General Dynamics Preferred Bidder

The ASCOD SV has been designed to a rating of 42 tonnes, and incorporates a fully proven transmission rated at 45 tonnes. This means the load carrying ability of ASCOD SV meets the full Future Rapid Effect System Specialist Vehicles (FRES SV) requirement now and won't require a major upgrade programme to deliver all the variants.

Based on a proven European design, it's the latest-generation vehicle developed specifically for FRES SV by a team of General Dynamics engineers in Britain and Europe. It is a low-risk choice for FRES SV, with tonnes of weight and growth potential.

It offers tonnes of protection, as well as one common-base platform which can meet the whole of the requirement. Its turret is designed by Lockheed Martin UK INSYS, specifically for the British Army's scout role.

ASCOD SV offers tonnes of value to the UK Defence Industrial Base. Its Intellectual Property will be based in the UK, part of the sovereign capability available to the British Government. By value, 80% of the vehicle manufacture will be completed in the UK, with 70% of the supply chain companies UK-based.

Overall, ASCOD SV will create or safeguard more than 10,500 jobs in the UK.

General Dynamics UK, together with General Dynamics European Land Systems, is offering the ASCOD SV for the FRES SV (recce) programme.

The ASCOD SV is a modern, highly agile Infantry Fighting Vehicle that can be adapted to meet the reconnaissance requirement with the stretch potential to meet other FRES SV roles. General Dynamics UK is under contract with the UK MoD to adapt the vehicle to meet the capability.

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