Armed Forces - a9a1.1 - Royal Signals - Future Army Structure (FAS) -Signals Training



Under the FAS proposals the Regular Units of the Royal Signals will be enhanced as follows:

a. A new Signal Regiment (22 Signal Regiment) will be established, equipped initially with Ptarmigan and then Falcon.

b. Deployable unit structures (operational Divisional Signal Regiments and Brigade Signal Squadrons) will be made more robust.

c. Enhancements will be made to strategic communications.

The Royal Signals TA will be structured as follows:

a. There will be three Ptarmigan regiments based within 11 Signal Brigade, providing a composite Ptarmigan Regiment to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

b. Within 2 (NC) Signals Brigade, a total of eight signals regiments (including 36 and 40 Signal Regiments) and four sub-units will provide NC (National Communications) units in support of the Home Defence MACA (Military Aid to the Civil Authority. In addition these units will provide bespoke support to other government departments.

c. 63 Signals Squadron (SAS) will continue to support Director Special Forces.

d. An Air Support Signal Troop will be provided for Joint Headquarters.

e. Royal Signals TA will continue to provide individual reinforcements to the Regular regiments attributed to LSDI.