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SABRE - No longer In Service

A Sabre Combat Vehicle.

As part of the UK MoD's CVR(T) rationalisation programme both the tracked Scorpion with its 76mm gun and the wheeled Fox with its 30mm Rarden Cannon were withdrawn from service and a hybrid vehicle - Sabre was produced.

Essentially Sabre consisted of the older Scorpion (light tank) chassis fitted with the turret of a wheeled Fox reconnaissance vehicle. We believe that about 136 Sabre vehicles were  in service and the vehicle was in service with the Reconnaissance Platoons of Armoured and Mechanised Infantry Battalions. The vehicle had a similar profile to that of Scimitar but with the turret roof slightly lower and a co-axial chain gun instead of the GPMG.

Modifications carried out by 34 Base Workshops in Donnington included redesigned smoke grenade dischargers, replacement of the 7.62 MG with a 7.62mm Chain Gun, new light clusters and additional side bins. Domed hatches have also improved headroom for both commander and gunner.

The Sabre was withdrawn from service in 2004.

Sabre Specifications
Crew 3
Weight 8.13 tonnes
Length 4.7m
Width 2.24m
Height 2.17m
Armament 1 x 30mm L 21 Rarden Cannon
1 x 7.62 chain gun
Engine Cummins BTA 5.9 diesel
Maximum Speed 80km/h
Ammunition 160 x 30 mm APEP and HE plus 3,000 x 7.62 mm rounds