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FV 102 CVR (T) Striker

Striker is one of the family of the CVR(T) vehicles (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked) which includes Scimitar, Spartan, Sultan, Samson and Samaritan.

Striker carries 10 Swingfire anti-tank missiles with a range of up to 4,000 metres. Five of these missiles are carried in bins on top of the vehicle, which can be lowered when the system is not expected to be in action.

One significant drawback to the system is the reload operation, which requires a crewman to reload the missile bins from outside the vehicle.

There is also a separated sight available which enables the launch vehicle to be hidden in dead ground, and the operator to fire and control the flight of the missile from a position up to 100m away from the launch vehicle.

The striker system enables a fast, hard hitting anti-tank missile launch platform to keep up with the latest MBTs.

Striker is to be found in the Formation Reconnaissance Regiment, which has a troop of four vehicles in each of its three reconnaissance squadrons.

Striker is likely to be replaced by the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) variant.

FV 102 CVR (T) STRIKER Specifications
Approx 48 available
Armament 10 x Swingfire Missiles
1 x 7.62mm Machine Gun
2 x 4 barrel smoke dischargers
Crew 3
Fuel Capacity 350 litres
Max Road Speed 80km/h
Road Range 483km
Length 4.8m
Height 2.2m
Width 2.4m
Combat Weight 8,100kg
Ground Clearance 0.35m
Ammunition Capacity 3,000 rounds 7.62
Main Armament Traverse 53 degrees left, 55 degrees right
Engine B6 Cummins diesel

Swingfire Anti-Tank Missile

A Swingfire missile has an estimated in-service life of about 17 years and the missile is believed to be in the process of being replaced by Javelin ATGW.

Swingfire Specifications
Type Anti Tank Guided Missile; Wire guided; Command to line of sight
Length of Missile 1.06m
Body Diameter 37.3cm
Warhead Hollow charge high explosive
Propellant Solid Fuel
Weight of Missile 37kg
Minimum Range 150m
Maximum Range 4,000m

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