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Combat Engineer Tractor (CET)

The Combat Engineer Tractor (CET), which entered service in 1977, is a versatile tracked AFV that can clear obstacles, dig pits, prepare barriers and recover other vehicles that become stuck or damaged. In short, it is an armoured vehicle that can assist in a variety of engineer battlefield tasks, and has an impressive amphibious capability.

The 100-metre winch cable can be fired from the CET by rocket and, using an anchor, can assist in dragging the vehicle up steep slopes and over river banks. CET is found mainly in the Divisional Engineer Regiments and the UK Engineer Regiments.

India has 39 x CET in service and Singapore is believed to have 18.

Replacement plans for the CET are already underway and a new vehicle called 'Terrier' with an in-service date of 2011 is planned. Terrier will be fitted with day and night vision systems and, although (at 30 tonnes) twice as heavy as CET, it will be air-portable in An-124, C17 or A400M transport aircraft. The Terrier manufacturer (OEM) is BAe Systems. Current indications are that some 100 vehicles could be required. Over the life of the Terrier the contract is believed to be worth some 700 million.

Combat Engineer Tractor Specifications
73 available
Weight 17,010kg
Length 7.54m
Height 2.67m
Road Speed 56km/h
Road Range 480kms
Fuel Capacity 430 litres
Engine Rolls-Royce C6TCR
Engine Power 320bhp
Crew 2
Armament 1 x 7.62mm machine gun