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Defender 4000 is the latest development of the BN2T Defender aircraft - in service with government and law enforcement agencies world-wide - meeting the need to operate a lightweight aircraft from short airstrips in all weather conditions, by day and night.

Design improvements include an extended fuselage, larger wing for greater internal fuel capacity and enhanced visibility cockpit and cabin. The Defender is designed to carry the most sophisticated navigation and sensor equipment such as thermal imaging camera and 360 degree search radar.

It is one of two types of fixed-wing aircraft operated by the Army Air Corps. It is usually employed in a surveillance capacity, however it also has a limited use in transporting personnel. Other roles include air photography, airborne command post and liaison flying. Notably it contains a full Instrument Flying Procedural and Navigation fit.


DEFENDER Specifications
6 in service
Crew 1 Pilot, 1 Crewman + 6 Passengers
Length Overall 10.93m
Wingspan 14.93
Height 4.2m
Max Take Off Weight 7,000lbs
Max Cruising Speed 196 knots
Range 380nm