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Starstreak High Velocity Missile

Short Missile Systems of Belfast were the prime contractors for the HVM (High Velocity Missile) which continues along the development path of both Blowpipe and Javelin. 

The system can be shoulder launched or by mounting on the LML (Lightweight Multiple Launcher) or vehicle borne on the Alvis Stormer APC.

The Stormer APC has an eight-round launcher and 12 x reload missiles can be carried inside the vehicle.

HVM has been optimised to counter threats from fast pop-up type strikes by attack helicopters and low flying aircraft. The missile employs a system of three dart type projectiles which can make multiple hits on the target. Each of these darts has an explosive warhead. It is believed that the HVM has an SSK (Single Shot To Kill) probability of over 95%.

Using the HVM Thermal Sighting System (TSS) the system has the capability to operate at night, through cloud or in poor visibility. Some 84 x TSS are believed to be in service.

12 Regiment RA is equipped with HVM and there is 1 x TA Artillery Regiment similarly equipped. There are three TA HVM regiments. On Mobilisation, 12 Regiment is believed to be configured as follows:

Note: On mobilisation the Regiment has 108 launchers divided amongst the three missile batteries. An HVM detachment of four is carried in a Stormer armoured vehicle and in each vehicle there are four personnel. Inside the vehicle there are twelve ready-to-use missiles with a further eight stored inside as reloads.


84 Fire Units on Stormer and 145 on Light Mobile Launcher

Missile Length


Missile Diameter


Missile Speed

Mach 3+

Maximum Range


Missile Ceiling 1,000m
Flight Time to Max Range 8secs


Photo courtesy of BAe Systems