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The  Battalion (561 personnel) continues to evolve and the resultant structure appears to based around the usual three Rifle Companies each with three platoons. Two of these platoons are from the Regular Battalion and the third from the affiliated Army Reserve Battalion (eg 6 Rifles is affiliated to 1 Rifles).

The third regular rifle platoon in each company has now be re-roled as a GPMG SG platoon resulting in a rifle company that will probably look like this:

The evolving Manoeuvre Support Company will probably resemble the following:

Many battalions now have sniper sections equipped with the Long Range Rifle that has an effective range of up to 1,100 m plus.

HQ Coy has the usual mix of support elements that includes REME LAD, QM's Department, MT Platoon, Medical and CIS Platoon.

Light Role Infantry Battalion – Army Reserve Affiliations
Unit Role Location Affiliated Reserve Unit
1st Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment Light Role Infantry Woolwich 3rd Bn the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (R) (Canterbury)
1st Bn the Grenadier Guards Light Role Infantry Aldershot The London Regiment (R) (Westminster)
2nd Bn The Rifles Light Role Infantry Ballykinler 7th Bn The Rifles (R) (Reading)
2nd Bn The Mercian Regiment Light Role Infantry Chester 4th Bn The Mercian Regiment (R) (Wolverhampton)
2nd Bn The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment Light Role Infantry Weeton 4th Bn the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (R) (Preston)
2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland Light Role Infantry Edinburgh 6th Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland (R) (Glasgow)
1st Bn The Rifles Light Role Infantry Chepstow 6th Bn The Rifles (R) (Exeter)
2nd Bn The Parachute Regiment Air Assault Colchester 4th Bn The Parachute Regiment (R) (Pudsey)