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Support Command provides real time support to the whole of the UK Army and is the command headquarters for the UK Garrisons, also providing support and commands the UK detachments in Brunei and Nepal. The Command provides the link to the Land Forces Reserves and Cadets.

Support Command is also the Army’s link to the civilian community ensuring that the requisite support is available for any unforeseen emergencies, In addition, Support Command acts as the focal point for the Armed Forces Covenant ensuring that wherever possible the aims of the Covenant are implemented throughout the UK.

The UK Regional Headquarters are co-located with a number of brigade headquarters as follows:

Regional Headquarters


Co-located with

HQ West Midlands


HQ 11 Signal Brigade

HQ North West Preston HQ 42 Brigade
HQ Scotland Edinburgh HQ 51 Brigade
HQ Wales Brecon HQ 160 Brigade
HQ South West Tidworth HQ 1 Artillery Brigade
HQ North East Catterick HQ 4 Infantry Brigade
HQ East Chilwell HQ 7 Infantry Brigade
HQ South East Aldershot HQ 11 Infantry Brigade

Support Command is also responsible for support to the following garrisons:

Aldershot Garrison
Colchester Garrison
Catterick Garrison


The Joint Helicopter Command's primary role is to deliver and sustain effective Battlefield Helicopter and Air Assault assets, operationally capable under all environmental conditions, in order to support UK's defence missions and tasks. JHC major formations are as follows:

  • All Army Aviation Units
  • RAF Support Helicopter Force
  • Commando Helicopter Force
  • 16 Air Assault Brigade
  • Combat Support Units
  • Combat Service Support Units
  • Joint Helicopter Command and Standards Wing

There is more detail relating to the JHC in the Joint Forces Chapter.


The Land Equipment Directorate (under the command of Defence Equipment and Support) exists to provide front line support and ‘through life’ equipment solutions for land operations. LE is composed of five major groups with each group having a number a number of subsidiary teams providing specific support to various group activities. Director Land Equipment (DLE) is responsible for the operations of these major groups which are:

Combat Tracks Group (CTG)
Systems Team (ST); Combat Tracks Group Platforms Team; Armoured Vehicle Support Transformation Team; Artillery Systems Team (AST); Platforms Team (PT); The Medium Armoured Tracks Team (MATT).

Combat Wheels Group (CWG)
Protected Mobility Team (PMT); Manoeuvre Support Team (MST); Utility Vehicle Team (UVT).

General Support Group (GSG)
Battlefield Utilities Unit (BFU);Deployable Support and Test Equipment Team (DS&TE); Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECI); General Support Vehicles (GSV); Service Provision (SP).

Individual Capability Group (ICG)
Integrated Soldier Systems Executive (ISSE); Dismounted Soldier Systems Team (DSST); Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Night Observation (STANO); Light Weapons, Photographic & Batteries Team (LWPBT).

Joint and Battlefield Trainers; Simulation & Synthetic Environments Group (JBTSE)

Other areas and tasks
Although Land Command is not responsible for running operations in Northern Ireland, the Former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands and Iraq (a responsibility of PJHQ), it will provide the operational troops for these areas.

Some 500 troops are involved at any one time in MoD -sponsored equipment trials, demonstrations and exhibitions. Public Duties in London take up two/three battalions at any one time. All troops not otherwise operationally committed are also available to provide Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA) in the United Kingdom.