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Army Chain-of-Command
The Army is commanded from the Headquarters at Andover and the Chief of the General Staff has the responsibility for preparing, training and equipping the forces under his command for operations worldwide.

Headquarters Joint Forces Command (HQ JFC) at Northwood in Middlesex has an important input into command at the operational level. It is almost certain that any operation where Army units (or formations) are involved will be under the overall command of the Commander Joint Forces (CJF) and his subsidiary headquarters PJHQ.

The following diagram illustrates this chain-of-command as at mid 2015.

 The Chief of the General Staff keeps a small ‘forward headquarters’ at the MoD in London.

(1) Stars denote the rank of the incumbent: 4 star - General; 3 star - Lieutenant General; 2 star -  Major General; 1 star -  Brigadier.

(2) From Mid 2009 HQ Land Forces has been located at Andover in Hampshire having moved from Wilton near Salisbury.

Commander Force Development and Capability (FDC) is responsible for training the Army, developing its overall capability, doctrine and sustainability. Previously known as Force Development and Training the Command was renamed in April 2014 as Force Development and Capability following the transfer of some of its responsibilities.

Commander Land Forces (CLF) is responsible for delivering and sustaining the Army's operational capability, whenever required. CLF commands almost all of the Army’s fighting formations

The Adjutant-General (AG) has the responsibility for all aspects of personnel policy from recruiting through career management and everyday personnel administration. In addition the AG’s department is responsible for a whole mass of administrative functions such as legal and medical services that enables the system to function efficiently.