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The Teritorrial Army 1999 Edited by Maggie Heyman a comprehensive review of the Territorial Army as it was in the late 1990s, before the implementation of the Strategic Defence Review


The Territorial Army 1999 Hard Cover Book.


THE TERRITORIAL ARMY - 1999 - An archive document of The TA in 1999 before the implementation of The Strategic Defence Review.

This book is a comprehensive review of the Territorial Army as it was in the late 1990s, before the implementation of the Strategic Defence Review. Hard cover bound in Dark Green, the book has over 300 black and white photographs on 300 pages.


In the pages you will find Regimental traditions, histories and training and show the Volunteers of today following in the footsteps of their illustrious forebears. Although the book will be of great interest to today’s Volunteer soldiers, there is no doubt that the archive copies that were placed in various military libraries will be of even greater interest to historians in years to come.


Each entry has:

  • Brief History of The Battalion/Regiment

  • Battalion Highlights for the year 1998-1999

  • Photograph of members of the WO and Sgts Mess (with names)

  • Photographs of members of The Officers Mess (with names)

If you were serving in any of these TA Regiments at the time of publication June 1999, there is a very good chance that your name might be one of the 2000 listed in the book or you might be in one of the 300 pictures.

The Royal Yeomanry                                

Royal Wessex Yeomanry                    

Royal Mercian & Lancastrian Yeomanry

The Queens Own Yeomanry             

The Scottish Yeomanry                    

The Kings Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (LI)   

North Irish Horse Sqn (v)                

The Lowland Volunteers                    

3 Royal Highland  Fusiliers                       

3 Black Watch (v)                                

3 Highlanders                                       

7/8 A & SH                   
5 PWRR                                              

6/7 PWRR                                            

The London Regt                            

5 RRF                                      

6 RRF                                                  

6 R Anglian                                          

7 R Anglian                                                                

4 KORBR                                             

5/8 Kings                                             

3 PWO                                                

4/5 Green Howards                                   

4 QLR                                                  

3 DWR                                     

4 D & D                                    

3 Cheshire                                            

3 RWF                                                 

2 RRW                                                 

2 RGBW                                                          

3 WFR                                                             

3 Staffords

5 LI

6 LI

7 LI


5 RGJ                                      

4/5 Rangers

4 Para                                      

10 Para                        


100 Regt RA (V)                                               

101 Regt RA (V)                                   

103 Regt RA (V)

104 Regt RA (V)                                   

105 Regt RA (V)

266 Para Bty RHA (V)                       

269 Bty (V)                                           

289 CDO Bty (V)                                           

7 Regt AAC             

Click Here for an Example of a Regimental entry



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